How to import presets to Lightroom Desktop? it is actually very simple, please read on.


Lrtemplate is a format dedicated to the Lightroom Desktop. Since the release of the Lightroom 7.3 version, Lightroom presets have been converted to the xmp format with better compatibility and display speed, which can be compatible and synchronized between the Lightroom Desktop, Lightroom Mobile, and Camera Raw. Of course, lrtemplate can still be used, but this format is being phased out.

Now we start to introduce how to import and use Lightroom desktop presets.


Open the Lightroom software on your computer, the Library interface will be displayed first.


In the lower left corner, click “Import” to import the prepared pictures from your computer folder.


Then switch to Develop interface, open one of the imported pictures.


Pull down “Presets” in the left column, you can see the User Presets¬†group. Right-click on it and click Import to import the preset files prepared on your computer. If it is lightroom 7.3 or later, you can choose lrtemplate or xmp file to import.


Lightroom presets are now imported.


How to create a new group for these presets? Sorry, you can’t create a new folder directly in lightroom 7.3 and above, but you can right-click on the User Presets group and click Rename.


Then enter the name of the group you want, click OK.


The next time you continue to import new presets, look at the Presets bar, click the + sign in the upper right corner, and click Import Presets. At this time, the User Presets group will be automatically created. Then you can continue right-clicking to rename it.


How to use Lightroom Desktop presets to edit pictures? At the bottom of Lightroom interface, click to select the photo you need to edit.


Then click one of the presets on the left. Look, magical changes, the picture looks completely new!


If you want to see the picture Before and After, you can click on” Y | Y “ below, it will show the picture Before and After.


If you think that the effect of using the preset can still be better, then you can personalize the second modification in the right column, there are rich adjustment functions, of course, this is an advanced use.

Now that you know how to import presets and use them in the desktop version of Lightroom, yes, it’s that so simple.