Now let’s introduce how to install DNG presets on Lightroom Mobile. The presets provided by are usually ZIP archives.

Here are 2 tools recommended, Dropbox and Izip, which can be used on IOS and Android phones, and can be downloaded and installed in the App Store or Google Play application market respectively.

The following instructions are universal for IPhone and Android.


IF: [Import presets from computer to your phone]

step-1: Download preset package and save to phone.  

If you download the ZIP file to your computer, you can first unzip all files on your computer, and then upload the DNG files  to your cloud disk, such as Dropbox.

Now,open the Dropbox app and find the uploaded DNG files. Tap the 3 dots to the right of the DNG file.


Tap on Export


Tap on Save Image

Repeat the above steps to export and save each DNG file.Then all DNG files are saved on your phone.


step-2: Add DNG files to Lightroom Mobile

Open the Lightroom APP on your phone, click the + sign and Album in order to create a new album.


Open the new album, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner, tap on Add Photos.


If you got the DNG files to your Camera Roll through Dropbox or download, select From Camera Roll.


Next, select the DNG presets from the camera roll and add them to the new album you created in Lightroom.


Step-3: Save DNG Presets in Lightroom

All DNG files are now in the new album you created in Lightroom Mobile.

All you need to do is browse each file and save it as a preset.Go to the album containing DNG files.

Open the first file.


Tap the 3 dots at the top right of the screen, then tap Create Peset:


Next, add the same title as DNG file to the preset title.

If necessary, you can create a new preset group for these presets.

Then go to Select, but keep the default, the app will automatically select (not necessarily select all)

After setting, tap on the top right corner to save the preset.

Repeat this step for each DNG file because you need to save each preset separately. You only need to do it once for each!

That’s it! Now you know how to add DNG presets to Lightroom Mobile.


step-4: Use DNG presets on Lightroom Mobile.

Now that you have added all the presets, you can easily use them when editing your photos. Just click on “Presets” on the toolbar at the bottom of the photo you want to edit and then pull it up.


How To Use Presets On Lightroom Mobile  for details, click here


IF:[Download and open the preset package on your phone]


If you downloaded the ZIP preset package on your phone.

Now open your IZIP app, then find the ZIP preset package downloaded by your phone, and unzip it.

Then follow the same steps from step 2 above, open lightroom to create an album and save the preset.

One thing is different, please select “From File” and go to “IZip File“.

The other steps are the same as those shown above.